What we do?


Packaging design

Our specialty. We create modern, and eye-catching packaging designs for products from every industry.


Brand design

We use graphic tools to communicate brand personalities based on a previously developed strategy.



We help companies and brands to undergo a visual transformation in a "painless" way. We refresh images with care for the history of the brand.


Visual Identity

Visual Identity is the face of every brand. We design coherent, recognizable, and engaging image systems.


It all starts with a proper name. We develop timeless and easy to remember names for brands, products, and companies.


Brand strategy

Depending on the needs, we plan a series of activities aimed at strengthening the brand position or implementing completely new products, brands, and services.

How the process of creating a project looks?

Below, we have described the four stages that we emphasize the most in developing new solutions for our clients.


1. Analysis and obtaining information

Conducting an audit allows you to identify the strengths and weaknesses of brands, both functioning and newly emerging. We analyze the market competition, thanks to which we can define the brand's position and establish some activities strengthening this status.


2. Planning and defining strategies

After recognizing the brand's position, we develop an action strategy. We set the target consumer group, and then we make decisions on how to bring out the strengths of the product, what techniques and methods of visual communication to use to arouse positive emotions in a given group, and at the same time achieve the set goal.


3. Creation of graphic solutions

This is where the work with graphic "matter" begins. The creation of sketches, visualizations, and ideas starts here. We create a comprehensive image based on a previously developed strategy. A creative approach to this stage of work on the brand identity allows us to compose unique signs, unconventional packaging designs, and original visual identification systems.


4. Testing and implementation

Consistent work and strong assumptions on the above stages give us a final project that meets consumer's needs, and it's ready to stand next to the competitive products. The stage preceding the implementation is a consumer survey, which becomes a test for us to check the effectiveness of projects.

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