In short - rebranding - is a series of activities aimed at changing the perception of a given brand in the eyes of consumers based on a previously developed brand strategy.

Rebranding is not only new logo design or product packaging design, it is also a transformation of other brand attributes, such as increasing customer satisfaction, improving processes, improving organization, increasing the quality of products or services offered, and many more. It should be noted, however, that rebranding is performed with a varying degree of intensity, depending on the identified needs. Typically, three levels of intensity of the transformation are mentioned:
  • Lifting, redesign, i.e. refreshing the image (the most delicate transformation) - is based on introducing changes to such brand attributes as Visual Identity (m. in. logo design), graphic packaging design, etc. To simplify, lifting is mainly based on the transformation of existing graphic designs associated with the brand. It happens that the changes are so small that they are not fully noticed by consumers.
  • Evolution - a frequent practice is to introduce changes in small steps while maintaining the most important elements characterizing a given brand
  • Revolution - A complete redesign of the brand, often including a name change. Rejection of the existing solutions in favor of completely new strategies of action

Why is it worth going through rebranding or redesign every now and then?

The simplest answer is obvious - it is the constantly transforming market that forces changes on brand owners. To remain competitive, you need to adapt your products or services to the dynamics of the market. Consumers' needs and requirements change constantly, so companies often commission consumer research to characterize current trends and predict upcoming trends. The greatest benefit of rebranding and redesign is the increase in target group satisfaction and brand value, and thus an increase in turnover.

Below we present the rebranding we made for the Australian company PureTAN. Rebranding - rather evolutionary - included:

  • design of the logo and other elements of visual identification
  • product packaging line design
  • product label design
  • website design
  • promotional materials designs
  • POS design

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