PureTAN rebranding

Puretan is currently the largest Australian brand offering professional self-tanning cosmetics.

The client asked us for a complete redesign, including logo design, packaging design, and preparation of advertising materials. The new look was to introduce the products to completely different distribution channels, where the packaging should compete with industry leaders and reach a completely new target group.

We assumed that, based on the old look, we would obtain a completely new quality when it comes to the logo and packaging of the product line under the name Pure Bronze. They are definitely more delicate, elegant, and at the same time contrasting (by differentiating colors and the use of refinements). We used more delicate typefaces, and in the logo, we replaced the heavy circle with a golden round contour that evokes associations with the sun. It is a characteristic element that distinguishes the packaging on a store shelf.

Our contribution

  • packaging design
  • Label design
  • logo design
  • advertising and promotional material design