Design of the brand and packaging line for a healthy fruit snack

Sensible Choice is based in New Zealand. The company was established to provide consumers with healthy snacks with 100% fruit ingredients. We were asked to create the Sensible Choice logo, the Fruitness brand, and the packaging for the whole product line.

We treated the Sensible Choice logo very sparingly, even corporately. It was supposed to be as legible as possible, look good in various forms, sizes, and colored backgrounds.

When it comes to packaging design, we focused on presenting large fruits - to emphasize the composition. We used a cheerful background that draws attention to the ecological origin of the products. We used modern hand-styled typography, which in some way also relates to the origin of the fruit, while also giving freshness to the design. The designed packaging line looks great on a store shelf.

Our contribution

  • packaging design
  • logo / brand design
  • illustration
Fruitness-brand-design-logo-packaging-package-branding-creative-graphic-agency-studio-how-toFruitness-branding-projekt-logo-lodz-1Torba-tote-bag-projekt-logoBillboard against blue cloudy sky