Brand design

Branding is a very broad field, requiring equally extensive knowledge and commitment of designers and marketing specialists. If you were to choose one word, which is the equivalent of this term, it would probably be "marking". This is obviously a huge simplification, but it touches the heart of the problem, as branding is a marketing technique consisting of marking, naming, creating an image, and properly advertising products/services in a way that allows an emotional connection with the consumer. The aim of branding is a promise of satisfaction, consolidating the existence of the brand in the minds of recipients, creating and maintaining a positive image in the selected target group, and distinguishing the product or service from the competition's offer. Branding will be both the design of the logo,and the product packaging design, label design,product design, advertising in a trade magazine or on TV.

Do you need to develop an image for your brand? We can help! We offer designing branding elements:

  • Naming
  • Logo design
  • Packaging design
  • Product label design
  • Development of a visual identification system
  • Creating a brand book

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